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Baudelaire “Supernaculum” Finet Valdespino

This majestic creature is a direct descendant from champion bloodlines. His early formal education in Portland, Oregon concentrated on dance, both free-form and ballet. After a devastating audition at Julliard, Baudelaire decided that his talents lied more in- well, lying down. He currently surveys his domain from atop soft things, judges your life choices, and does his very best to keep us all safe from wheels, which, as we all know, are tools of the devil. No, seriously, he hates wheels. And vacuum cleaners. And horses, although he’s never actually seen one in the flesh. And when you ask him what his name is- because he’s GD Baudelaire people!

Instagram @baudelairethepug
*the most photographed dog in Atlanta*


Coco “the Destroyer” Hanna

A scrapper from the mean streets of Albany, Georgia, Coco grew up surrounded by grifters and pick-pockets until being discovered on the wrong side of the dog track by a talent agent and began her glorious modeling career. Now known for her signature “spectrum eye contact”, and fantastic tail, she is recognized far and wide throughout not only the pug modeling circles in Atlanta, but Decatur as well. Her purse and accessory lines will drop in the spring. Stay tuned!


Cousteau “the Bro” Finet Valdespino

Cousteau’s parents Mimi and Luis are grand champions hailing out of New York and South Carolina in the show circuit. After enormous sacrifices and investments in private schooling concentrating on poise, elocution, and debate, he dropped out and spent the summer surfing in Daytona. It was apparent to all that Cousteau’s real talents are concentrated on just being an all around good buddy. A master at high fiving and stretching, he’s a chill dude just wanting to give you kisses and hopes that everyone can just mellow out.


Charlie the Cat

Yes, he lives here.